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With over 30 years of experience in landscaping and horticulture, our team can transform your garden to suit your lifestyle and needs.

We create and implement bespoke designs, offering a number of solutions and specialist planting schemes. Whether your garden space needs to cater to a busy family home, an enhancement to your property or a cooperate setting, all elements will be expertly selected for a cost effective solution and exceptional results.
We are also experienced with larger scale projects such as school gardens and playgrounds, memorial landscapes, and public or park settings.

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Want a beautiful show garden but haven't got the time to preserve it? Use our expertise to optimise your garden space for busy lifestyles, whilst still turning heads. 

We can implement commercial standard irrigation and watering systems to promote strong and healthy plant growth that can be automated while you're away. As the experts, we can advise on the most suitable plants for your garden to bloom a rainbow of colour. We are also the turf specialists if you don't fancy looking after a lawn. Ditch the gardening gloves and let us implement a low maintenance gardening scheme so you can focus on showing it off!

After it's done, keep your garden in beautiful form with lawn care, specialist pruning works, jet-washing and debris clearance on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. 



 Water features are an innovative way to create a feeling of tranquillity in your garden space. 

We create and install a variation of contemporary designs including natural and contemporary fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. 

The team can also provide pond cleaning and maintenance, offering a range of professional pond pumps and equipment. For those looking to have fish in their pond, we are well versed on pond conservation and the conditions needed to help wildlife thrive.

Water features


Director Kevin Claridge has over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in horticulture and is often referred to as 'the plant man'. 

He can assist with creating a specialist planting scheme to suit your creative visions, as well as advising on the best to bloom for what season, ways to promote healthy growth, and how to keep your garden looking at its finest. 

We also specialise with hedge cutting, specialist pruning, artificial lawns, and raised beds and borders.

Whether you need advice on your troubled lawn, have critters nibbling on your homegrown tomatoes, or aren't quite sure where to start with your flower bed, consult us for outstanding results from your plants and flowers.

Plant/lawn care


We have access to a wide variety of stone slabs in all shapes and sizes to create a one of a kind patio for your garden space. 

We provide both contemporary and traditional styles for all tastes. 

We also offer jet washing to revive older patios.

For larger scale projects, we can design and implement courtyards gardens with our high quality stone slabs.

Contact us for more info.

Patios and courtyards


Rockery and stone wall features are a cost effective yet prominent way to give your garden space style and character. 

Rockery is highly versatile - it can be used for borders, seating areas, centre pieces, or enhancing your property frontage, and lacks the need for maintenance.

We offer high quality, commercial stone and gravel for great value, and can advise on how it is best placed in your garden to make it stand out. 

Rockery and stone


Composite decking can be purposed to modernise your garden space and is perfect for a busy family home. 

Decking is brilliant for creating borders and contemporary seating areas. 

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